We are Essex DAB Ltd and we seek to enable radio stations in Colchester & Clacton to broadcast to the hundreds of thousands of potential listeners who live in our area. Offering carriage over our radio transmitters into the homes and cars of listeners in North East Essex, Essex DAB aims to provide a route for broadcasters to go digital using Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) technology.

The DAB method of broadcasting means that around 25 radio stations can be ‘carried’ on a single frequency and thanks to a recent development ‘small-scale DAB’ (SSDAB) allows for the cost to be reduced, which in turn allows for delivery of radio station output at a fair price that is within the reach of most small-scale broadcasters.

Already as a trial, SSDAB has over the last seven years seen a flourishing of new radio stations, formats and an opening to a new wave of radio professionals and volunteers. Added to this the use of DAB+ improves sound quality and the listener experience.

We aim to formulate a stable and reliable transmission service that better serves broadcasters, we will provide a digital path for small-scale radio.

To achieve this, Essex DAB benefits from excellent operational, technical and engineering connections with several existing SSDAB operators.

If you are:
– Interested in launching a new radio service, or
– Seeking to reach digital radio audiences across North East Essex
– A student radio station
– A hospital radio station
– An Ofcom licenced radio service (community or commercial)
– An online radio/streaming service

Then this is the website for you.

We hope the following pages on this website will be informative and guide you through the various steps. Finally, please go to our ‘Contact Us‘ page and complete the form as your first steps towards going DAB with Essex DAB.