What Is DAB?

Nine out of ten Londoners listen to the radio every week. Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is a digital radio replacement platform for FM and AM analogue radio. Already radio audiences for digital radio are increasing while analogue listening is starting to decline. Two thirds of London radio listening is digital and 43% of all London radio listening is already via DAB. It’s the same picture all around the country, but London leads the way.

DAB is a method of carrying the output of multiple radio stations simultaneously. This method is called multiplexing. A recent technical development allows for the cost of multiplexing to be reduced, which in turn allows for delivery of radio station output at a fair and proportionate price point.

In terms of the environment, our DAB multiplex plans are good news. When the carbon footprint for a low power multiplex network is shared between each broadcaster, the comparative size of that footprint is halved.